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MADAGASCAR-Escape to the Lost Continent 2018

After the split from Gondwana 160 million years ago, Madagascar
Early Bird!

Turkish Wedding&Hike @Rodopi Mountains/Bulgaria

Escape to Turkish Village in Bulgaria (Hidden Paradise) 10 August

Hiking @Rodopi Mountains/Bulgaria 22-25 June 2018

Escape to Turkish Village in Bulgaria (Hidden Paradise) 22 June

Best of Morocco

Do you want to see the Best part of Morocco?

Viva Cuba 8-17 November 2018

Havana (4 Nights), Cienfuegos (2 hours), Trinidad (3 Nights), Santa

Escape to Paradise Seychelles

Splashing around in the gin-clear waters of one of the

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights The Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is one of the spectacular phenomena that fascinates many minds. A collision between gas and particles
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