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Festival&Hiking @Rodopi Mountains/Bulgaria

Escape to Turkish Village in Bulgaria (Hidden Paradise) Village Festival & Hiking 18 August (Friday)-21 August (Monday) 2017 Rodopi Mountains/ Bulgaria / Off the Beaten Truck Do you like nature? Do you enjoy to explore beautiful forest and mountains of Rodopi? Would you like to visit small Turkish village on Rodopi mountains? Do you want to meet Turkish community in Bulgaria? Do you enjoy the visit of old villages and know the culture of it? Then this is the trip for you. You will watching stunning sunset from the mountains overlooking to the lake. Traditional Turkish village located in a very isolated place. Google map,+Bulgaria/@41.934715,24.2678258,7z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x14ac9b0ce8ca4b2f:0xecf986fcaa0697d9   Photos
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