Self guided tour on Mallorca

La Luminosa, the enlightened, is the Spanish name for Majorca. The largest of
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Seychelles 3-10 November 2019

Splashing around in the gin-clear waters of one of the world`s most beautiful
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Simien Mountains Trek (Ethiopia)

The best hiking destinations in the world
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Skiing 3 Nights in Bansko/Bulgaria

3 Nights in Bansko/Bulgaria/ One of the Best Ski Resort in Europe 29 

Skiing in Bansko/Bulgaria

Bansko has easy, medium and difficult ski slops, with a total length of

The Baliem Valley Festival Show-West Papua

The Baliem Valley Festival Show 6Day/5 Nights The Baliem Valley Festival is one
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The Yali and Mambramo Tribes, West Papua

About 35 miles southeast of Wamena lives the Yali Tribe, some 30.000 Yali
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Trigrad, Rodopi Mountains Adventures (Bulgaria)

The walking routes chosen for this tour passes through some of the most
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Viva Cuba 7-16 November 2019

Havana (4 Nights), Cienfuegos (2 hours), Trinidad (3 Nights), Santa Clara (2 hours),
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