Adventure in Main island of Seychelles, Mahe ( 7 nights)

Arrival:  Departure from London on 2nd November and arriving 3rd November 2019, Sunday
Departure: 10 November 2019,Sunday


• Splashing around in the gin-clear waters of one of the world`s most beautiful beaches far from crowds. Enjoy the stunning stretch of white sand and calm, turquoise waters.
• Mahé Island-Morne Seychellois National Park/ Looking for the smallest frog on earth while exploring forested mountains/ Hiking in the park

• Victoria – Explore the world’s smallest capital city
• See enormous granite boulders which dramatically rise out of the sea



This will be the 4rd Trip I will lead in Seychelles Island

We will the most beautiful beaches of Mahe island also we will have chance if you want to hike in tropical forest, kayaking, snorkelling, local market visit,

This trip only includes to stay in main island of Mahe but if you want we can go for a day trip to La Digue or Praslin islands by ferry.


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The Tour leader of this trip is Naim

He has been 3 times in Seychelles and previously lead 2 trips to Seychelles. He explored every corner of Seychelles and would like to take you the best part of the islands.

He is experienced tour leader and he has been more than 100 countries.

His social media account below



Price of the trip is £795


  • Accommodation in private houses with kitchen and living room
  • Airport transfers in Seychelles
  • Rent of a car including petrol allowance so we can explore every corner of the main island
  • Public bus tickets if we need to use sometimes
  • Tour&Hiking leader coming from London

Not included

  • International flight ticket see recommended flight
  • Food during the trip. (We will have kitchen in our house. We can buy food from store and market and prepare our own breakfast, packed lunch also eat outside in local restaurants where ever it is possible)
  • Travel insurance (Obligatory)
  • Entrance fees and anything extra activities such as biking, kayaking etc
  • Any taxi fare

In order to secure your place you need to pay deposit of £295

2nd payment of £500 is due on 1 October


Island Group :   Inner Islands Group
Population :   71,456
Area :   154.7   

Island Hopping posibilities :   Aldabra Atoll, Alphonse, Anonyme, Bird Island, Cerf, Cousine, Denis Island, Desroches, Félicité, Frégate, La Digue, Moyenne, North Island, Praslin, Silhouette, Ste. Anne


Mahé, measuring 28km long by 8km wide, is the largest island and cultural and economic hub of the Inner Islands, and the international gateway to Seychelles. It is home to the international airport and the nation’s capital, Victoria.

The island is home to almost 90% of the total population (or approximately 72,200 people) reflecting Seychelles’ diverse ethnicity and descent from African, Indian, Chinese and European populations, and is the seat of government and the chief centre of commerce.

With a backdrop of towering 1000m granite peaks, Mahé is an extraordinary treasure trove of flora that has evolved over centuries of splendid isolation.

Rare endemic plants found nowhere else in the world adorn Mahé’s mist forests in mountain strongholds, such as the Jellyfish Tree, the carnivorous Seychelles Pitcher Plant and the Seychelles Vanilla Orchid.

First visited by the British in 1609, Mahé was not visited again until Lazare Picault’s expedition of 1742 when the gradual process of settling the island began, first by the French whose direct influence continued until 1814 and then as a British colony until Seychelles gained independence in 1976.

Not: Information was taken from Seychelles Tourism Board

Thing to take with you 

  1. Manzo Card (Debit Card), you can pay some places with your card with best exchange rates and no commission. Moreover you can get cash from ATM up to £200 per month with no commission. If you still don’t have Manzo card please Claim your £5 by signing from the link below
  1. Walkable sandals for Men

For Women

  1. Sun Hat
  2. sun cream, sunglasses, swimming suit,
  3. Summer clothes, T-shirt and shorts
  4. Quick dry towel
  5. Mosquito repellent
  6. Snorkelling gears (If you would like to snorkel)
  7. UV Protection Long Sleeves Swimsuit for Snorkelling
  1. Water Bottle with Filter
  1. Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
  2. Rucksack for daily use
  3. If you can please use Backpack. Pack your staff in backpack rather than suitcase if it is possible.
  4. Your favourite energizer chocolate
  5. Own medication
  6. Toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo etc
  7. Electric sockets are UK type so dont worry but I would advise to get adaptor like this

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