1.Anse Major Trail 

Distance: 3.1 km, Elevation:75 m, Total ascent/descent: 218m

This is one of the easy hikes and maybe one of the popular one as well.

The hike starts at the end of the road in Bel Ombre see google map the pin.

If you drive you can park your car in front of “La Scala Restaurant” or you can take the bus to Bel Ombre and get off at the last bus stop. The hike is 3km following the coast and you will see beautiful views of Indian Ocean and as well as many amazing rock formations along the way. When you reach Anse Major which is a beach then you can swim and relax. The only access to Anse Major beach is on foot. There is no car access to the beach. 

There are 2 beaches of Anse Major which are close to each other. Anse Major is suitable for swimming and snorkeling.  


  1. Dans Gallas Trail 

Distance: 2.5 km, Elevation:516 m

This is a nice hike as views are amazing over Beau Vallon and Morne Seychellois National Park also at the end of the trail there is a viewing point where you can see the other side of the island the capital city of Victoria and the ocean. See the point where to start the walk, there is a bus stop also close to the start of the trail. You can park your car close to the Forestry unit. This is not a popular hike as you would be most likely on your own while walking the trail.  It is one of the only hikes that boasts views of the East and West coasts of Mahé.

Wonder through semi-natural landscape with timber plantation of Santol, Eucalyptus and Albazia providing  ideal habitats for the Seychelles fruit bat and endangered Scops owl. Find the Seychelles medical plants like Bois joli coeur ( for cough) and Bois sandel (for asthma).  


3.Mount Copolia 

Distance: 1.4 km, Elevation:242 m


The summit of Mount Copolia is  497 m above sea level and it is located In the Morne Seychellois National Park. See the map for a starting point. The trail starts in front of Copolia lodge. It is 1.4km long and there is some steep section of the hike.There is a bus stop close by.  There is a nice view point just 100 meter before you reach the peak of Copolia. You may see endemic Seychelles bulbul.

4.Morne Blanc Trail 

Distance: 1.6 km Elevation:630 m

This trail is close to the Tea Factory, you can park your car at the tea factory and walk to the start of the trail around 250 meter also you can visit the tea factory ( Mon-Sat from 9.00-16.00) There is also a bus stop at the tea factory if you don’t drive. The trail is only 1.6km but it is steep with 630 meter elevation gain. The view is amazing at the top and you will see the west coast of the island. You may hear the calls of the world`s smallest frog which is 1cm in length and endemic to Seychelles.

  1. Trois Freres Trail

Distance: 1.4 km Elevation: 411 m

The trail starts in the Sans Souci area which is also very close to Victoria capital. You can walk from Victoria to the start of the trail. There is parking for cars at the start of the trail also close by the bus stop. The trail is 1.4km with 411 m elevation gain.

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